The new World Champion and FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov took part at the concluding press-conference.

Kirsan Ilyumzhnov: Anna, on behalf of the FIDE Presidential Board and personally by myself I would like to congratulate you with this well-deserved win! The final match was very exciting. You played well during the whole tournament and justly became the 14th World Champion!

Anna Ushenina: Thank you!

– Anna, tell us about your impressions from the tie-break and the final match in general.

– The match was very interesting, but we were clearly tired and made many mistakes. In the third and fourth games we exchanged blows: first I took the lead, then Antoaneta equalized the score. In the first tie-break game White stood better, but I held a draw. In the second game Black was slightly worse, but Antoaneta was very short on time, defended inaccurately and gave me a chance to win.

– Kirsan Nikolayevich, did you enjoy following the championship? Did you like the games played by the world’s best women players?

– Attending women’s championship and Grand Prix tournaments is always a pleasure for me. I often say that women show a model example of fighting spirit. They always fight until the end, and watching their games is always enjoyable. The percentage of decisive games in women’s competitions is higher than in men’s chess. This championship was exciting from the first day, and there were many dramatic games.

Many favorites of this championship, including former World Champion Hou Yifan, Humpy Koneru, Anna Muzychuk and other high-rated players, were unable to show their potential, probably due to suboptimal form. On the other hand, both Antoaneta Stefanova and Anna Ushenina proved that they really have the champion’s character! It was a true battle of wills. The tension was so high that even computers could not handle it. About half an hour ago I visited Alexander Khalifman in his commentator’s room and saw his computer wrapped up in smoke. Luckily it was fixed quickly. How can human beings survive such tension if even machines collapse?

– Anna, could you tells us who supported you during these three weeks? What was the hardest part of the championship?

– My parents, friends and many people from all over the world supported me during the championship, and I am very thankful to them. It was a big pleasure!

The final match with Antoaneta was definitely the hardest part. Each game of it was extremely important.

– We saw spectators with Ukrainian flag today. Do you know them?

– These are people from the Ukrainian Chess Federation, they came here to support me.

– Another prestigious event, the World Cup, starts in less than a year. You proved everything playing against women, would you like to test your strength against men?

– I enjoy playing in men’s events, but I think the World Cup is for men only.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: The next World Cup takes place in Tromso, Norway, and Anna can play there if she wants.

– Anna, what were your expectations prior to the championship?

– I did not set any goals. I just wanted to play well.

– How did you spend yesterday’s evening and today’s morning? How did you prepare for the tie-break?

– I did not prepare much, I just tried to relax after the fourth game. I watched some TV series and tried to improve my mood before the tie-break.

– Did you receive any advise from the Ukrainian Chess Federation representatives?

– They just wished me luck and showed supported.

– The World Champion’s title means certain responsibilities. Are you planning to promote chess in your country?

– I didn’t have time to think about it yet.

– Kirsan Nikolayevich, during this championship you traveled to many places and signed some important agreements. Could you tell about it?

– Two weeks ago we opened the second stage of the Grand Prix in Tashkent. A couple of days ago we signed two contracts in Baku: for the 2015 World Cup and the 2016 Chess Olympiad. Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliev and I visited a chess pavillion at the Expo-center in Baku and examined the project of the upcoming Chess Palace. Hopefully the next big tournaments will be held there.

– What are the next major events in women’s chess?

– According to the FIDE calendar, we are looking forward to the Women’s Grand Prix events, and then the World Championship match between Hou Yifan from China and Anna Ushenina from Ukraine, which will take place next year. The calendar is going to be very intensive, and Anna should expect a difficult year – difficult, but very exciting, too!