The trainer of Antoaneta Stefanova tells about their preparation for the final match with Anna Ushenina.

– Vladimir, congratulations with this very important win! Could you tell us your opinion about the game?

– Thank you. The game was very nervous, because the stakes are extremely high. I am glad we won! It started quite well for us – Antoaneta got a pleasant position and was ahead on the clock. Ushenina started to consume time and got somewhat lost, as she began to retreat her pieces for no real reason. Soon Antoaneta developed a strong attack. When her advantage was already decisive, she suddenly got very nervous, but all is well that ends well. She could win quicker by playing more accurately, but it doesn’t matter as long as we achieved the desired result.

– How did you react when Antoaneta started losing her time and positional advantage?

– I am a calm person. It was a bit nervous of course, because the position was fairly simple, and having time advantage is also very important. I worried because earlier Ushenina saved a much worse position against Ju Wenjun, and she haven’t lost a single game here yet. She is either very lucky or extremely strong. So I am glad we broke her streak, and Antoaneta will continue fighting for the title.

– Do you like the quality of chess in the final?

– In my opinion, both are playing weaker than earlier. They played on a very high level in the quarterfinal. But this is understandable, because they survived many matches and the pressure is very strong – everybody dreams to be a World Champion. Mental toughness becomes a key factor, not preparation. One who doesn’t make mistakes usually wins.