Ukrainian grandmaster Anna Ushenina convincingly won the third game of the World Championship final and visited the press-center after the game.

– Anna, congratulations with the victory! Gives us you summary of the game, please.

– Thank you. It was an interesting game. I decided to trade two pieces for a rook, and it led to wild complications. However, somehow I managed to get an advantage.

– Our English-speaking commentator Alexander Khalifman taught us that this line is also known as the Chameleon Variation. Did you know that?

– No, I didn’t know this name.

– Your play looks very tricky: 6.Bf4, 7.Bd2... It seems like you were trapping Black.

– I cannot really say much about the game, I need to check everything on the computer first.

– How did you evaluate Black’s position after your sacrifice on d5? Was it bad already?

– I thought it is unclear and just kept playing.

– Can you point out Black’s decisive mistake?

– Black had so many different opportunities, so I am not sure. I’d prefer to analyze it with the computer.

– Tomorrow you are playing an extremely important game, probably the most important in your career. Could you tell us what was the most important game for you in the past?

– This seems like an easy question, but somehow I cannot answer it. Perhaps all the games I played were equally important.

– Ukraine had one World Champion – Ruslan Ponomariov, but there were no Women World Champions in your country. Do you realize what it means for Ukrainian chess if you avoid losing tomorrow?

– I didn’t think about it. I believe under given circumstances any result should be considered good. I am facing a very strong and experienced opponent…