15 playing days of World Women’s Chess Championship passed, 188 games have been played to determine the 2 strongest players out of starting 64. 

Anna Ushenina joined Antoaneta Stefanova in the final after winning the tie-break against Ju Wenjun. The Ukrainian won the first rapid game. The Chinese had White in the second one and was very close to strike back, but did not manage to convert the winning position. “I managed to drew in a miraculous way”, – said Ushenina at the press-conference. The Ukrainian showed very tenacious defense, and as it was said by scientist and politician Chaim Weizmann “”Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly hard for them”.

Anna Ushenina

Express-analyze after the game sometimes help to manage the emotions

 In 2010 the world saw the Chinese final between Hou Yifan and Ruan Lufei, this time we will follow the European encounter. Who will be stronger, ex-world champion from Bulgaria or the player at her peak from Ukraine? This question will be answered after four games, and, if necessary, a tie-break. Anna Ushenina will have white pieces in the first game of the final match.

Let’s say goodbye to those eliminated in the semis – Harika Dronavalli and Ju Wenjun. Both players became the bronze medalists of the championship because no additional competition for the 3rd place is held. In 2010 the medalists stayed to see the final and wait for the closing ceremony, but this time both were hurrying home – Harika needs to prepare for Sport Accord Mind Games, and the coaches Ye and Yu also need to get back to China to analyze the mistakes and errors of the competition.

A special awarding ceremony was organized for the bronze medalists.

Waiting for the ceremony to start. Ju Wenjun is still in the thoughts about the just finished rapid. Harika Dronavalli on the contrary had time to prepare and even wear a national dress

Head of Khanty-Mansiysk Vasily Filipenko came to award the beauties. First of all the medal…

Then Siberian cap with ear-flaps! 

And, for a dessert, sweet chocolate chess.  This set is very heavy, as Harika Dronavalli said 

Flowers, of course 

Bronze medalists with Head of Khanty-Mansiysk Vasily Filipenko 

Should I try it? 

Sure! There is no need to think which cap to take next time when travelling to Russia in winter

Ju Wenjun finally abstracted her mind from the upsets of the day and started to smile, too 

Bond girls

When the guests left, our photographer persuaded the players to have a special photoset. Press-secretary of the championship is helping as a flash boy – nothing personal, it is just his height that is perfect for that! 

You will find the results of the set in the special album “Beauty and Chess”