A huge chess holiday is about to take place on Ugorian soil.  The Ugorian Chess Academy, from 11 November to 2 December, will host Women’s World Chess Cup 2012, which will determine the strongest woman playing chess in the world.

The best 64 chess players in the world will take part in the competition, among those: World Champion 2011 (Yifan Hou, China), WC Finalist 2011 (Humpy Konery, India), World Girl Junior Champions (Anna Muzychuk, Slovenia, 2010 and Deysi Cori, Peru, 2011), best chess players of FIDE’s rating list (Judit Polgar – 2704, Hungary, Nana Dzagnidze – 2536 and Maia Chiburdanidze – 2500, Georgia), qualified players of Continental (Dronavalli Harika, India, 2011) and Zonal (Irina Berezina – 3,6, Australia and Swaminathan Soumya – 3,7, India) Championships and also nominees of the FIDE President.  The rivals from all over the world will compete face to face. Representatives of Argentina, Sweden, Canada, France and other countries are ready to fight for the Championship medals.

Ten eminent chess players will represent Russia in the competition, these are: players with high FIDE rating Valentina Gunina (2498) and Alisa Galliamova (2491), players from European Women’s Championships 2010 and 2011 Tatiana Kosintseva and Nadezhda Kosintseva, Natalija Pogonina, Svetlana Matveeva, Ekaterina Kovalevskaya, Anastasia Bodnaruk, Evgenija Ovod and Marina Romanko.

The tournament will consist of six rounds. The list of World Champion candidates will become twice as shorter after each round. The strongest chess player of this competition is going to play a game with the winner of FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2011-2012, which will determine the World Champion among women.

In the end of September representatives of World Chess Federation are coming to Ugra in order to certain that Khanty-Mansiysk is ready to host Women’s World Chess Cup 2012.