The bronze medal winner of the World Championship visited the press-center before returning home.

– Harika, what are your impressions from this championship?

– The tournament was organized excellently. I enjoyed my stay very much, everybody was very supportive. I was happy to be here. Unfortunately, I wasn’t playing very well in the semifinal, lost the first game, but next time I’ll do better.

– You are wearing a beautiful dress today…

– Thank you. This is an Indian national dress. I took it specially for the award ceremony, because I won the bronze medal.

– What do your friends think about your result? Is it going to be some ceremony at the airport when you return home?

– My friends have mixed opinions. Everyone is happy for me, but they are also a bit disappointed, because I did not advance to the final. I am very grateful for the support from my friends, parents, grandmother, my trainer, who teaches me since my childhood. We were in touch during the whole championship. Grandmaster Eesha Karavade sent me her opening analysis. Grandmaster Ganguly participated in one of my training sessions prior to the championship. Grandmaster Harikrishna also helped my to prepare for some games.

– Will you relax at home for a while or return to active tournament practice?

– I’ll start preparing for the World Mind Sports Games in China.

– Harika, you thanked so many people after the quarterfinals, but maybe it was too early for gratitude?

– I was very happy to get to the semifinal, and I thanked everybody because I felt like doing it. Cannot say I lost my focus after that, I just felt tired a bit. Maybe this is why I lost the first game to Stefanova.