Right after the closing of the Open Chess Cup of the Ugra Governor there was the final press conference with the participation of the head of Khanty-Mansiysk and Autonomous Okrug Chess Federation President Vasily Filippenko, winners of tournaments “A” and “B” Ildar Khairulin and Azat Sharafiev and also the former participants of the Women World Championship Madina Davletbaeva (Kazakhstan) and Evgenia Ovod (Russia).

The first to speak was the president of the Ugra Chess Federation Vasiliy Filipenko: “The tournament has grown significantly since the year of 2005. I am very pleased that the number of players and the level has significantly risen. It became our tradition to invite the participants who were eliminated from the major tournaments. Last year, it was the World Cup, this year – the Women World Championship. The results indicate that the level of our competition is rather high from the point of view of the game. Let those who took part in the tournament examine the organizational side.”

Madina Davletbaeva claimed that she’s happy with her result. “I managed and failed to do something. In the main women’s tournament of the year I failed to go to the second round, so I decided to take part in this great event. I think I will come to Khanty-Mansiysk again, but in summer. I like it here very much, and I’m glad that I have taken part in the Governor’s Cup ” – the chess player shared her impression. She also noted that the tournaments in the capital of Ugra are always held at the top level.

Evgenia Ovod is agreed with the Kazakh chess player: “I liked the organization, people who are sincerely and warmly welcomed us here. It is very pleasant! I also liked the fact that Ugra pays much attention to chess and the organization of the tournaments. The festive atmosphere brightened even the fact that initially my game wasn’t that good. I was feeling a positive attitude to myself, I felt an internal growth, understanding that if I failed now, I will necessarily succeed the next time. I want to say a huge “thank you” to the organizers and to all who supported us! I’d love to come here again! “

The winner of the tournament “A” Ildar Khairulin also began his speech thanking the organizers: “The tournament was very good! For this victory I have to thank the organizers, because they have set the lower threshold for taking part in the tournament “A” at the level of 2350. Already in the first round I was drawn to face a serious contender, so I had to show my best qualities. Nine rounds are quite an ordeal for all players, so I’m glad it worked out.” He also told that this is not his first visit to Khanty-Mansiysk: Ildar came before to take part at the World Cup, where he failed and left rather soon, so he didn’t have time to look at the city. Now he was able to fill this gap, and that made him very happy.

The winner of the tournament “B” Azat Sharaf, being in Khanty-Mansiysk for the fourth time, said that the excellent organization of chess tournaments has long been a hallmark of the capital of Ugra: “Every year the level of competition is only growing, so I was glad to play here once again. Khanty-Mansiysk is one of those towns where I feel at home, very comfortable. This is a very beautiful place! I want to thank with pleasure all the organizers of the tournament for the fact that they held this chess event. Now I can enjoy a very interesting Women’s World Championship final.” He also said that the final games were fairly easy and he’s grateful for that to his neighbor Sergei Yudin, who took part in the tournament “A”. “Sergei encouraged me, helped to prepare. This helped me to succeed in the first six games, so the last three draws were enough for me to win the tournament, “- he said.

Then, answering the questions of the journalists, Evgenia Ovod admitted that, being eliminated from the World Championship she continued to support her friend Nadezhda Kosintseva: “Unfortunately, Nadia was unable to reach the semifinals, having lost at the quarterfinal stage. Now we will follow the strongest, to see who will become the new world champion. “

Madina Davletbaeva also confirmed that she’s closely following the chess championship battles. “In the tournament there are interesting moments. You look at someone and think that the player is in excellent condition, but contrary to expectations, they loose the next round. Women’s chess is so interesting, because it is absolutely unpredictable. Now there are only four participants, so we watch them and enjoy all the games, “- she said.