The coach of Antoaneta Stefanova visited the press-center after the end of the second game.

– Vladimir, could you please share your opinion about Antoaneta’s form at this championship?

– She plays very well so far, and proved it once again today. We prepared for this variation and expected this closed position. Antoaneta had only one bad day at the championship, but this can happen to anybody. Fortunately, she survived that day and is still here.

– Do you mean the match against Marie Sebag?

– Yes, the result clearly shows it.

– For how many years do you work with Antoaneta?

– For about 20 years.

– Did you help her at the 2004 World Championship, when she won the title?

– Yes, we worked together there as well.

– When do you think she played better? In 2004 or now?

– I think this is a rhetorical question (laughs). She has always played very strong, and always tried to make good moves. Hope she will maintain her current level for another ten years. Today Antoaneta also tried to make the best moves, and even ended up in a time trouble.

– Is she your only student, or you work with other players as well?

– No, she is not the only one, but as I said we are working together for 20 years. Two years ago I started to work with Natalia Pogonina, and there are other players who are not at such a high level yet.

– Is this championship covered well by the Bulgarian media? Is Antoaneta popular in your home country?

– I have no idea about the coverage, to be honest, but I think it didn’t receive much attention early on. But now people want to know more and more details about it.