The Chinese player told the journalists about her first game of the semifinal match with Anna Ushenina. 

– Ju, tells us please about the game. Your position in the opening was very difficult…

– Yes, I think my opponent had an advantage. However, she overlooked 19.Bg5, which was very strong, and then I managed to make a draw. I was very lucky today.

– Why she rejected 19.Bg5 and retreated the knight to c3 instead?

– I think my opponent wanted to control the kingside and continue her attack, and probably thought that after 19.Bg5 followed by winning an exchange her attack will lack punch without the dark-squared bishop.

– Was her opening choice unexpected for you?

– Yes, I did not expect this sharp line.

– You won all your matches on tie-breaks. How do you manage to recover for the next matches?

– I just try to play my best. Of course, I am getting more and more tired, but it seems I am dealing with that well so far.

- Thank you and good luck!