Ju Wenjun defeated her compatriot Huang Qian on the tie-break and discussed the match at the press-center.

– Ju, congratulations! It seems you win all your matches on tie-break…

– Thank you. Yes, indeed. Today I was lucky – in the last game my opponent had a big advantage on the 20th move, and was very short on time. I am really happy that I managed to win that position!

– Your opponent was lucky in the third tie-break game, which you could win several times. Missing a victory at such a critical moment must be very disappointing, how did you recover for the next game?

– Well, such things just happen in chess, but somehow I managed to play the next game calmly. My opponent is a strong and experienced player, so the last game was just as tense as the rest of them.

– You are facing Anna Ushenina in the semifinal. Have you played with her before? What is your score?

– If I remember correctly, we didn’t play for the last two years.

– And before that?

– I am not sure…

– You are the last player from China competing for the title. Who stays here to help you from the team?

– My coaches – Ye Jiangchuan and Yu Shaoteng.

- Thank you and good luck!

- Thanks!