Chinese players Ju Wenjun and Huang Qian answered the questions about their first game.

– Ju, it seems you liked the opening Natalia Zhukova played against you so much that decided to employ it yourself!

– Yes, I had hard times against her twice, so I decided to look into it.

– Do you like the way this game developed?

– I am more happy about the outcome, because my opponent played very well in the opening and got an advantage. She was pushing for the rest of the game, so I am glad it ended in a draw.

– Did you expect the line she selected?

– We anticipated it, of course, but this was only one of many possibilities we had to deal with. So we didn’t look further than 12…Qa5.

– Ju, in the endgame it looked like you were playing for a win, despite a pawn deficit. Or was it just the way to make a draw?

– Yes, I just tried to make a draw with more active play.

– What is you personal score with each other?

Huang Qian: I don’t remember exactly, but I think Ju Wenjun won more games than I did.

- Thank you and good luck!