It got warmer in Khanty-Mansiysk. Just some -3! The snow is all around, but the frost is not biting you – ideal weather to be late for the last bus from “Olympiyskaya” hotel to the playing venue and take a walk to Ugra Chess Academy. It would take you around half an hour if you do not hurry and take your time to make pictures on the way, and it will take you through the center of the city.

At first, when you just left “Olympiyskaya” (which was built specially for chess Olympiad in 2010), you’d go left and then always straight until you reach hotel “Ugra”. When you find it by your side, you can be sure that you are almost in the very center of the city and the pedestrian Karl Marx street is opposing you.

This is the favorite place of mums with kids…and pigeons.

Here and there at the pedestrian street you would meet steel guys with umbrellas. This is “Seasons” project that decorates the city since 2009. In this composition people are happy with the summer – the time when dreams come true.

Karl Marx street leads right to the center of the city.

There are not many people on the streets at Monday afternoon – everyone’s at work. But pigeons – as many as you like!

Spring is the time of dreams and expectations. Guys look into the sky and wait for something new and bright.

We approach the central square, which middle is decorated with rotunda fountain.

By the snowy stairs…

Let’s turn around and take another look at Karl Marx street.

We approached the center, where at the cross-roads of several streets stands 9 meters high rotunda as the exclamation mark to the square. Twelve columns symbolize twelve months. In the center of the composition one can find a mosaic wind rose that is orientated by north, south, east and west.

One can see Victory Park behind the fountain.

The city starts to prepare for the New Year celebrations. Big fir-tree is placed in the center of the square, but the construction is not yet finished – the tree only starts to get greener.

“Gostiny Dvor” shopping center is on the other side of rotunda. This is where the Head of the city Vassiily Filipenko made a reception for the participants and guests of the championship.

Initially in a place of Victory Park was a small square in memory of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, and only in 1970, at the initiative of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the monument to fallen countrymen was laid there.

We can reach our destination – Ugra Chess Academy – walking along the Victory Park…

And admire its wrought-iron fence…

But let’s better go through the park and take a look at the Walk of Fame with the busts of Ugra citizens, Soviet Union heroes.

The Memorial made of marble and granite that shows the Motherland, bent over the dead soldier, was opened in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the Great Victory.

The names of the soldiers from Khanty-Mansiysk and Samarovsky district who did not return from the war are written at the pylon around the Memorial.

Birches, the favorite tree of the Russian poets, are surrounding the place.

At the exit of the park points up a stele – this is a monument to victims of local conflicts.  The monument was opened in 2012, so the participants of the World Chess Olympiad-2010 could not see it.

The modern building of concert and theater center “Ugra-Classic”.

One can notice a poster of Women’s World Chess Championship near the entrance.

All over the city you can find some nice corners, like this part of Losev Park – one of the people’s favorite places for walking.

The entrance to the park of Boris Losev – the central sculptural composition represents a rock with the waterfall surrounded by big animals of the local fauna – elks, wolfs and bears.

We are very close to the venue of Women’s World Chess Championship. At the entrance to the next building – entertainment center “Langal” – such a nice family is enjoying life.

Movie center at the corner of the Academy.

The bright house-museum of the folk painter of the USSR V. Igoshev opposes the chess Academy.

The whole bunch of weather-vanes decorates the roof of the house-museum.

House-museum of the folk painter of USSR V. Igoshev was founded in 2001. In his works the painter showed the beauty of the Siberian land, its history and culture, folk characters that live at this land.

Here we are at the entrance of Yugra Chess Academy

Time to play!