The mayor of Khanty-Mansiysk and the president of Ugra Chess Federation Vassily Filipenko came to the press-center and spent more than an hour answering questions from the media.

– Vassily Alexandrovich, why you decided to carry out such a serious chess event? Are you satisfied about the way it is running?

– We organized many very serious chess events in the past, including four World Cup and the Olympiad, although the World Championship is definitely something special, and we were a bit nervous. I would like to see more Russian players advancing further, but it’s a sport, you know, we can’t do much about it. As for my satisfaction – being the organizer, I prefer to abstain from assessing our work. As far as I can tell, everything is running smoothly, and everyone is satisfied, but better ask the participants, guests and media. You are supposed to know better.

– Olga Giya from Ugra advanced to the second round and was eliminated in a tough match. Are you satisfied with her performance, or you expected a better result?

– I think it’s a decent result, although it seems she could go deeper, judging by her games. But it’s okay.

– The World Junior Championships ended yesterday is Slovenia. Irina Drogovoz from Khanty-Mansiysk shared the 3rd-7th places in her age group. Alas, her tie-break score was good only for the 5th place. Is this a good result, or you wanted more?

– The 5th place at the World Championship is a pretty good achievement, although she had higher finishes in the past. Many children from our Chess Academy achieve excellent results early, and later their 5th and 7th places seem a bit disappointing. Of course, it is difficult to win all the time. Despite being a very ambitious man, I think the 5th place at the World Championship is a good result for the Ugra Chess Federation.

I realize that demanding only gold medals from our chess players is very presumptuous, but I really want them to win!

– Are you more focusing on competitive achievements or promoting and spreading chess in the region? How is the Chess at Schools project going?

– Actually promoting chess and showing good competitive results are not contradictory goals, yet promoting and spreading chess is our priority. Right now chess is present at 40% schools in the region. We want to see 100% involved! Bringing chess to Ugra schools is one of the main goals of our chess federation. Of course, when many children play chess, some of them will do very well and compete at a very high level, but this is not that important for us.

There are 53 kinds of sport cultivated in Khanty-Mansiysk. And chess is one of the most important ones. We didn’t forget other sports, such as our traditional biathlon or table tennis, no, I am not saying that. We are organizing many competitions at different levels – city, regional, and international.


Vassily Filipenko is testing chess machine

 Vassily Filipenko is speaking  at the closing ceremony of the Ural Federal District youth championship