Every chess player knows how difficult it is to play against your friends. Even harder – against relatives. And the hardest is to play against your sister, who was by your side all those years, who knows everything about you, both on board and aside it, with who you share one coach and who you are used to help, not oppose. The outcome of Kosintseva sisters match was to be decided on a tie-break at their father’s birthday, and somebody had to slip.


In the first 25 minutes game the junior sister had White, and she decided to surprise her involuntary rival (probably remembering 1. e4 c6! in their first classical game) immediately on the first move and advanced her queen pawn. She did not manage to get any advantage, though, the whole game went under the command of Nadezhda and naturally concluded in her favor.


In the second 25-minutes game Tatiana chose French defense, got advantage and confused her elder sister in the opposite color bishops endgame to win back.

At this point the winners in the other two matches were decided.

Both Chinese advanced to ¼ 


Ju Wenjun won the first rapid game against Natalia Zhukova and drew the second to find herself in the quarterfinals.

Ju Wenjun: “In the first game I played with White and although the position was probably equal White had better chances. She played quite steady but 23…Qe6 was a mistake in my opinion. My opponent did not have enough time to properly defend. I was lucky in the first game. In the second game she had to win and she pressured me a lot after the opening. White clearly had some advantage. But I got lucky again, as she blundered with 33. Qa5.

This match went difficult for me also in the classical games. I won the first one and had to make a draw in the second not to play the tie-breaks. But my opponent played that game very sharply, kept attacking the kingside and got a big advantage. After the time control the ending was clearly better for her so she got a won position”.


Irina Krush

The Chinese will face her compatriot Huang Qian in the next round, as the latter won the tie-break against Irina Krush from USA. As well as Ju Wenjun, Huang Qian won the first game and drew the second.


The instructions of the coach before the games did not help Irina Krush to stay in the tournament. Perhaps, the secret of Chinese is the fact that their camp got strengthened by grandmaster Yè Jiāngchuān who came to Khanty-Mansiysk a day earlier

Grandmaster Giorgi Kacheishvili who helped Krush and Lela Javakhishvili who got eliminated from the competition follow the tie-break

The players who ended their matches stayed to look at the end of the Kosintseva encounter.

The drawing of color for 10 minutes games, Nadezhda got Black in the first  


Tatiana slipped. In the first 10-minutes game junior sister managed to get an advantage in French, but did not leave herself much time on the clock. Nadezhda creatively sacrificed an exchange getting a great compensation for the material and soon mated. In the second 10-minute game Tatiana chose French defense again and was close to win back when she developed a dangerous activity towards white king. But losing some time on slow maneuvering, she let Nadezhda regroup her pieces and consolidate the position. Black couldn’t do better than give a perpetual check and congratulate the elder sister with the advance to the quarterfinals. In the next round she will face Anna Ushenina.

Nadezhda survived the tie-break against her sister

When the match was finished, Nadezhda said in her short comment to the journalists that Tatiana will stay in Khanty-Mansiysk to help her