Still fresh are the memories of the opening of the Women’s World Chess Championship which took place on 10 November, and the sports fans are already being “lured” into the Tennis training center  in Khanty-Mansiysk, where today, 14 November, the World Billiard Championship “Dynamic Pyramid” takes its start.

“We were very happy that Yugra and Khanty-Mansiysk and submitted a bid to host these events, because it is guaranteed to us the highest organization level. The Tennis training center is worth a lot! There are very few such sports facilities in Russia”, claimed the first vice-president of the Federation of billiard sports of Russia Vladimir Nikiforov.  The World Billiard Championship “Dynamic Pyramid” is very important for us, because after its end the results of the year of 2012 will be summed up. Moreover, this kind of billiard is the most promising discipline, that we call “the pyramid of the 21st century”, because of its high entertainment and active struggle.”

Alexander Kokunin, the chief judge of the World Championship, made a speech with words of deep gratitude to the local organizing committee. According to him, the venue for the tournament was very well prepared, there are no complains about the judiciary. During the press conference of the organizing committee he described the main features of the tournament. “Women need three victories, men – four. Everyone has the right to loose one time, after the second defeat the participant is out, “- explained the chief judge.

As reported in the press center of the tournament the Ugra’s capital brought together more than 100 top billiard players from 15 countries. Men will compete for 16 prizes, women – for 8. Such virtuosos of the game take part in the event  as: a double world champion Pavel Mekhovov (Russia), Kanybek Syganbaev (Kyrgyzstan), world champion Yuri Pashchinsky (Russia). All the participants have been invited to the prestigious competition due to their results in other tournaments of the continental and the world level.

Even the most experienced billiard players are unlikely to predict the winners.  According to the billiard player of Ugra Natalia Korneeva, who also takes part in the competition, any of the participants can “break the bank”, which is 330 thousand rubles. “The favorite now is the 16-hers-old Diana Mironova of Russia. But even a three-time world champion cannot be sure of their victiry, because the game is very dynamic and short – told a player from Surgut. – Personally, I ‘m good at the dynamic pyramid. I played with Diana during the Russia Championship and I became second. I would love to play well to win the tournament, but I don’t know possible this will be. I will try to do my best. “By the way, during the opening ceremony of the tournament the Vice-President of the Federation of billiard sports of Russia Vladimir Nikiforov awarded Natalia the title of “World-class player”.

The receiving party has promised to meet the expectations of guests. “Khanty-Mansiysk hosts the World billiard Championship for the first time, but there is experience of hosting the major tournaments, including this kind of sport: the Russia championship in Yugorsk,  the tournament for the title of the Absolute Champion of Russia in Surgut, as well as the European Championships in the okrug’s capital – said the head of the Department of Physical Education of the Autonomous Okrug Evgeny Redkin. -  we will do everything possible for participants and judges to feel comfortable. As part of the entertainment program we have planned the cultural events, visits to galleries and museums.”

By the way, it is possible that the best billiard players of the world will come to see the world chess stars. When Khanty-Mansiysk hosted the Europe Billiard Championships, its participants visited the match of the local hockey team “Yugra”, which plays in the KHL.

There will be such opportunity for them this time as well. During the championship the team of the autonomous okrug will play three matches. In the first game, on 14 November, it will compete with the League outsider – “motorist” of Yekaterinburg. Then, on 16 November, the local team will play against the giants of the Russian hockey – “Metallurg” from Magnitogorsk, which has such masters as Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Gonchar and Sergei Mozyakin. The last game will be against the “Tractor” of Chelyabinsk on 18 November.

Now the hockey Ugra is the 10th in the table of the Eastern Conference of the Kontinental League. We can say that this is the strongest hockey league in the world, with the reservation that it will be so until the end of the lockout in the North American NHL. Khanty-Mansiysk team lacks nine points to get into the “eight” teams participating in the Gagarin Cup – major trophy of the championship.

Khanty-Mansiysk earned the reputation of the  sports capital of the world  not only because of chess, hockey and billiard. Biathlon and cross-country skiing are permanently developing here, having transformed the regional center into the international “Mecca” for fans of these sports . About 60 sports are cultivating here as well. Today the residents of Khanty-Mansiysk sometimes do not have time to visit all sorts of tournaments. This month Ugra hosts about twenty tournaments of different levels, six of which will be held in the capital.